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Google’s eyes on Cyanogen Inc.

Cyanogen Inc. is the maker of largest custom Android ROM in the world. Apparently Cyanogen turned down the offer from Google to purchase Cyanogen Inc. According to a report, Google’s Sundar Pichai recently met the executives of the Cyanogen who declined the offer by requesting an additional $1 billion. Cyanogen is in verge of making…

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Extreme Micro Drone 2.0

Extreme Micro Drone is a device devised to record on the go. It can be used both indoor and outdoors. It’s a remote controlled quadrocopter, which has a range of 400 feet. It has a self-righting algorithm in it. It’s easy to maneuver using this algorithm. It also has an inbuilt camera to shoot on…

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Drop and Stress testing on OnePlus One

OnePlus One released a video of their own quality test. The phone went through a several tests like pressure test, drop test, heat and weather test and so. OnePlus One was pressed with 25kg (55 pounds) thousand times. This was done to test the pressure test. Later it went through drop tests, where it was…

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Google debuts its Text-to-Speech app for Android

Google has released a standalone Text-to-Speech app for Android. This is the first try from Google and this app will read out aloud all your books, speak translations and other things. The voice translation might be more natural than the other Google experiences.  If you are tired of the robotic voice that’s built-in with your…

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New makeover for Facebook Messenger app

Facebook said on Tuesday that the Messenger app will be having a new look for some selected users of the Android platform. The feature will have an update of Facebook’s general aesthetic. It’s unclear about the clients to which the Messenger update will be available. Reach people faster – You’ll know which friends are using…

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Motorola is working on a ‘Project Ara’ smartphone which can switch hardware similar to apps

Motorola has come up with a concept phone which can switch hardware components the way the most users change the ringtone. The Motorola calls it Project Ara, the Advanced Technology and Products group is working with Phonebloks creator Dave Hekkens on an “endoskeleton and modules”. Paul Eremenko announced that the “company has already done deep…

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