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In hot summer it is very much significant to supervise your home from fire. Here is a simple circuit of a fire alarm using the light bulb starter as the heat sensor. This circuit is powered by a 3V battery. Requirements: Starter 220ohm resistor UM66 8ohm speaker BC548 3v battery Connecting wire PCB (Printed Circuit…

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Nvidia Project Shield

You must be aware of Nvidia, who usually makes graphics cards for the PC’s; they have come up with a handheld android-based gaming console for hardcore gamers. Project SHIELD is a gaming portable designed for gamers who crave to play when, where and how they want. This device is powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 processor…

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Paper thin next Gen TV

Just imagine if your TV is as thin as paper, then how easy it would be to move the TV wherever you require. Super thin OLED TV we use nowadays might be at stake if the future paper thin TV are in the market. Yes, the Georgia Institute of Technology is working on paper thin…

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Water Level Indicator

If you are tired of continuously monitoring the water level of the overhead tank of your house, then you can relax now by creating your own water level indicator. This indicator beeps whenever the water is in contact with the probe. This beeps continuously till you turn off the water pump. Requirements: 330k ohm resistor…

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Simple Pocket Audio Amplifier

If you are an avid music listener and want to have a pocket amplifier of your own, then you can build your own pocket audio amplifier by using simple circuits. All you have to do is list down the components that are needed for the circuit and get them from a nearby electronic shop. It’s…

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How to build your own Clothes Folding Board

Hope you guys are familiar with “The Big Bang Theory” TV show. Ever wondered if you could have the board that Sheldon Cooper uses to fold his ‘Flash’ graphical T-shirts? Then here is the solution. Now you can build your own shirt folding board by just using shipping boxes, some tape, and a knife.  Requirements: 3…

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