Best Benefits Of Essential Oils

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Who does not want a beautiful, flawless skin and great hair? Everybody would be looking for ways to look good. Who knew oils can work wonders for skin, hair and other general ailments. Today I would be listing few benefits of essential oils that can keep many problems at bay. So here we go!!


Essential oils

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is a wonder oil for all types of skin. Also called as the liquid gold, it is derived from the argan tree which is native to morocco. No wonder it is called liquid gold as it benefits the body with multi-purpose use. Because of its non-greasy and non-irritating quality argan oil can be used as a face moisturizer after cleansing. People with dry skin would love this oil as it is high in vitamin E and fatty acids which help relieve dry, itchy and flaky skin. Dab some argan oil overnight on the acne and see it vanish the next morning. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help in healing the acne faster. Mix few drops of argan oil to your daily cream or foundation and get that glowing, soft, supple dewy look. Argan oil can work great as a hair conditioner. Massage into to your hair, leave it overnight and wash off the next day. Your hair will be frizz free, smooth and shiny.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of the most used oils by everyone. Especially the sweet almond oil which has many beneficial properties for both skin and hair. Its skin lightening quality makes the skin glow. Massage few drops of almond oil onto the face, leave on for 10 minutes and wash off with luke warm water and see your skin glow with glory. It lightens the skin to a great extent so people who have tanned skin can use and see the difference for themselves. When massaged onto the hair it smoothens rough, dry hair and relieves tension. Regular consumption of almonds can actually benefit general health. It is good for the heart, brain, nerves and bones as it contains essential fatty acids, potassium, zinc and other trace elements which lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and boosts immune system.

Jojoba Oil

Another great oil is the jojoba oil which now a days most of the cosmetic companies use in their skin and hair products. Get that soft, smooth and glowing complexion by using jojoba oil on a daily basis as it does not clog pores. It is an excellent emollient for dry skin as it has soothing properties which moisturizes the skin very well. Can be used as a make-up remover. Brittle nails can be treated by rubbing the oil on the affected area everyday and you can see the nails become strong and smooth. Dry and split hair can be treated by massaging the oil over the scalp thrice a week.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has vast beauty benefits and people have been using the oil since ages. It is an edible oil which is used in cooking. It works as a magic on dry, irritated and sun damaged skin. It has a soothing property containing anti-oxidants and fatty acids which help relieve inflamed skin. Olive oil can be used for chapped lips, feet or burning palms. Pregnant women can apply on the stomach, breasts and thighs to avoid stretch marks during their pregnancy. It is used for under eye dark circles as it has skin lightening agents.

Other oils which have similar benefits for skin, hair and general health are coconut oil, camelina oil, aloe oil, chamomile oil, avocado oil and the list goes on……

These were some of the benefits which I could list. All these oils are readily available online for economical prices and people should go for genuine products to rake in the benefits.

Try one of these oils to get the benefits and you will be happy to see a new you!!!!!


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