Go Organic with Rustic Art’s Organic Facial Glow Lotion


Hellooooooooooo Blings (and dudes of course 😉 )!!!! It’s been long since I reviewed a product isn’t it?? So here I am to review a product from Rustic Art Organic Facial Glow Lotion.

Few weeks ago I happened to bump into one of my friend in a mall and we instantly decided to have a cup of green tea (Yep you bet!! health conscious girls ;-)) in a café which was newly opened a month ago.

The café was an organic restaurant and store where they sold organic food and products. After drinking our healthy green tea, we went around the store to check out few organic products. Though I was not interested initially (because I am not an organic person) I chanced upon this product from Rustic Art – Organic Facial Glow Lotion which claims to be 80% organic (Read: organic means vegan product or chemical free, so here it is 80% chemical free) and nourishes dull, worn out skin and replenishes it to give younger looking, glowing skin. Just massage on the face once a day and you can have organic, 2 minute facial, everyday! It has the goodness of Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Coco Butter, Geranium Oil, Rose Water, Raspberry Oil, E Wax and Aloe Vera Gel.

Doubly excited after seeing the list of ingredients without any second thoughts I bought this product because of late my skin has become very sensitive to all chemical products and feel flaky dry. And boy!!!  Should say had I not bought this product I would have regretted my whole life :-)

Coming to the reviewing part the lotion is light cream in colour and comes in a pump bottle which is quite sturdy. The lotion has a very strong organic or ayurvedic smell which fades away after sometime. It has a runny consistency and is not at all heavy when applied. It got quickly absorbed into my skin and I could see my skin glowing with glory. You can set the lotion by using loose powder or compact as I did.  It is an awesome lotion for my dry skin and it nourished my skin really well. But I had to give a touch up after 4-5hrs as my T zone and cheeks felt little oily. It did not break me out either.  It has been few weeks since I am using this lotion and I am only half way through the bottle so little amount of lotion goes a long way.


Gives a healthy glow to my skin.

Great for dry skinnies, oily skin people may give a try too as it claims for all skin types.

Very good moisturizer as it nourished my skin very well. Can be used as a makeup base also.

It is a boon for sensitive skin people.

Did not irritate or break me out.


Does not contain SPF.  So you may have to apply a sunscreen on top of this if required.

Price is a bit on the higher side. Rs. 770/- for a 80ml bottle.

Has a very strong organic smell when applied but fades away after sometime though.

My overall verdict for Rustic Art – Organic Facial Glow Lotion is a BIG YES YES YES!!!!!! I would rate it 4.5/5 as my skin really welcomed the lotion. I would definitely rebuy this product once I finish my existing bottle. So all you gals (and also guys) who are sensitive to chemical based products may try an organic product for a change and opt for this moisturizer.

Source: RusticArt

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