Melaglow Rich Cream Review

Yay!! I am RICH I am RICH :-). Naaaah I haven’t struck gold literally as you are all thinking. But my skin definitely looks rich and radiant after using this cream and I am loving it. Alright I will stop playing around and let you know the cream which I am using. The cream is from Abbott Healthcare called Melaglow Rich. I was using a depigmentation cream earlier and was even happy about the results. But when I ran out of the cream I came across this awesome cream in the med store and decided to give it a try. It is basically a skin brightening and lightening cream used for hyper-pigmentation skin conditions including brown spots.


Melaglow Rich Cream

What does the product claim:

Melaglow Rich is a comprehensive , phytochemical formula with effective depigmenting action that lightens the dark spots/patches & helps maintain even skin tone.

Precautions for use:

In few sensitive individuals a slight tingling sensation may occur upon application. This is however temporary and related to the products activity. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


Licorice extract 40% (CA) 0.120% w/w, pTerowhite 90% 0.120% w/w, Arbutin 2.00% w/w, Niacinamide 4.00% w/w

Other Active Ingredients:

Kojic acid dipalmitate, Soy isoflavones 40% WS, Ascorbyl glucoside, Glycolic acid.

My Take On Melaglow Rich:

I am always unhappy about the under eye dark circles which I have since ages. That’s usually caused by stress or heredity. In my case it may be the latter.

I started using this cream every other day before hitting the bed in the night.  But they recommend to apply twice daily for best results. I did not want to take risk by applying daily due to my sensitive skin. Definitely I had this tingling sensation when I applied this cream on the first day which made me little uncomfortable but disappeared after sometime and I was ok. I did not see any results even after using it for almost a month. May be I was using it sparingly. Then I started using everyday but my skin reacted very badly. My skin became very dry and started to peel. My whole face was burning and I had to slather on moisturizer to cool my skin. I realized my mistake and discontinued using the cream for few days. When my skin got back to normal I started using the cream again every other day as I was using it earlier. This time it was perfect, no dryness or flaking of the skin. At the end of the second month I could see beautiful results.  My under eye dark circles had considerably lightened and my overall skin texture looked great. I am sure using daily would have given me quick results but had to bear the brunt of using it everyday. What I like about the cream is it is made of phytochemicals which is derived from nature(plants) and is absolutely safe to use if you have normal skin. It is strongly recommended to use a sunscreen everyday to achieve better results. Priced at Rs. 348/- the cream is available at all leading medical stores. So grab your Melaglow and become RICH today!! 😉


About Anuradha Raidurg

Hellllooo there!!! My name is Anuradha. I am an Human Resource professional. I am crazy about reading and blogging. I am a big fashion and beauty freak. I keep trying anything and everything which is new to the market. I post believable and sensible reviews to the viewers as I would have personally experienced and used those products. I try to keep my post as simple as possible so that the viewers can easily connect to the contents of the blog. Blogging is a great way to de-stress and that's how I catch up my me time. Keep reading and encouraging with your valuable comments!! Read on :-) Cheers!!!!!

31 thoughts on “Melaglow Rich Cream Review

  1. I have many scars and pimple marks on face because of skinlite cream. can I use crealz plus or melaglow rich cream???

    • Hello Sumita,
      What’s up? Yes you can use this cream for your scars. It will definitely help in reducing the scars overtime and give a good healthy glow. Apply this cream every night before hitting the bed and use sunscreen in the morning.
      Anu :-)

      • Vanushri

        Is tis cream is useful ah and what I want know is whether the cream change face tone it will make the face bright ah.

        • Hi Vanushri,
          How are you doing? Yes this cream does brighten the face but I cannot say whether it can change one’s skin tone permanently. But as long as you are using this cream it gives excellent results.

  2. Pooja

    Hi , for how many hours it should be applied on the face,. As I consulted the pharmacist and he said minimum 3 hours

    • Hiii Pooja,
      Thanks for stopping by. It is always better to consult a dermatologist than the pharmacist. If you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients you can apply the cream in the night and wash off in the morning. No matter what season it is, never forget to apply a sunscreen in the morning when you go out in the sun.
      Anu :-)

  3. Is it use to change the skin clr i want clr improvement

    • Hello Dhanachavali,
      Yes it does improve the skin tone to a great extent. You can use this cream to lighten and remove scars.
      Anu :-)

  4. Tnq sooo much ☺😊

    • Are side effects ????

      • Hello Dhana,
        No side effects and you can use this cream as long as you get the desired results. But keep in mind to apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun as this cream is photo sensitive.

  5. Annu

    Which sun screen is effective with Melaglow cream. Kindly suggest.

    • Hello from Anu to Annu:-)
      I do not know your skin type? Depending upon your skin type you can choose the sunscreen. As of now I am using Suncros Soft Gel. I have reviewed about the product too. You can go through it.
      Thanks :-) :-)

  6. Puneet

    Is this cream effective for oily-skinned ppl? Bcoz its creamy layer makes my skin quite oily and shiny.

    • Hello Puneet,
      How are you doing? This cream is actually meant for oily and acne prone skin. It helps in removing the excess sebum and makes the skin radiant. Apply it during the night before you hit the bed and wash off with mild cleanser in the morning. Use a sunscreen before you step out in the sun. This cream will definitely help you to get rid off acne and pigmentation.
      Anu :-)

      • Puneet

        Thank you ma’am. Also can I apply this cream in the morning and then use a sunscreen over it? It says twice a day and I have to lighten my skin ASAP!

        • Dear Puneet,
          It is always better to avoid skin lightening creams during the day as certain ingredients in the product can make your skin sensitive to the sun rays which might cause itching or burning.
          Anu :-)

  7. Pawan

    Hi, I have dark face but my whole body is light I want to get my body color on my face what should I do can I use melaglow rich cream and how long can I use it?

    • What’s up Pawan?? Thanks for stopping by :-) Probably you are too much exposed to the sun. Apply sunscreen with SPF of 50+ in the morning and use this cream in the night. Make sure you protect your face from sun when you are outside. You can apply this cream until you get your desired results. Long term usage will not harm or have any side effects if used properly.
      Anu :-)

  8. Vinita

    Hi, I have pigmentation on my forehead, nose and on my upper cheeks which I want to get rid of. I workout outdoor everyday in the morning from 7-10am. Though I try and avoid the sun as much as possible but I am still outside. Will this cream still help me considering I am exposed to the sun rays in the morning? I hope applying cream in the night won’t have side effects if exposed to the sun in the morning for about 3-4 hours? I do apply SPF 50 sunscreen in the morning though..

    • Hello Vinita,
      Good to see you here. You can surely apply this cream for your hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Use this cream only in the night after cleansing. Please apply a sweat and water proof sunscreen during your workouts in the morning because the ingredients in the lightening cream can make your skin photo sensitive to the sun. Apply suncros aqua gel or suncros soft gel sunscreen depending on your skin type (Please go through my reviews on the same). Follow this regime and let me know your feedback.
      Anu :-)

  9. Nibha

    its just three days i have started using melaglow cream not the rich one, after consulting a dermatologist , as per him melasma has started on my cheeks , i just want to know that how long does this ointment takes to show its results beacause i am worried about my problem.
    He has also recomended me koji plus tx cream it would be great if you can help with the reviews about that too.

    • Hello Nibha,
      Glad to hear from you. Melasma is skin discoloration or brown patches which most people get it on their cheeks, particularly common in women, especially pregnant women. Both Melaglow and koji plus are de-pigmentation creams which helps in lightening the skin. Have reviewed a product called Clearz plus which is similar to Koji plus cream. The results may vary depending upon the severity of the problem. But you will definitely get results gradually. Try melaglow rich cream which already has kojic acid in it instead of melaglow cream. So that you do not have to use two creams. Apply Melaglow rich cream only in the night before going to bed. I hope your dermatologist has suggested a broad-spectrum sunscreen to apply in the morning? As far as possible try and avoid going out in the sun between 10am-4pm. Never forget to apply sunscreen, even while you are indoors. Hope my suggestion helps you.
      Anu :-)

    • Princy

      My dermatologist suggest me use melaglow cream.melaglow or melaglow rich cream is good for me.I want increase my skin tone. Before I used melacare it has good result but it contains steroid. Melaglow contains any steroid.? I can use this cream for long term?. After I stop using this cream my skin tone changed to black?

      • Hello Princy,
        How have you been? Depending upon your skin type your dermatologist may have suggested a cream to you. You will get good results once you start using it. Just follow the instructions properly and stick to it. Melaglow does not contain any steroids and is safe for long term use. Use melaglow only in the night and apply sunscreen in the morning.
        Anu :-)

  10. Priya

    Hi Anu
    Thanks for your wonderful review.
    I read in some websites that melaglow contains hydraquionine and tretinoin. Is is true?

    And also what is the difference between melaglow and melaglow rich?

    • Heya Priya,
      How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by :-) As per my knowledge Melaglow and Melaglow rich creams does not contain hydroquinone. Both creams are skin lightening creams. Melaglow cream has turmeric extracts which takes longer time to show results. Melaglow rich cream has much stronger ingredients like kojic and glycolic acid which gives much faster results.
      Thank You
      Cheers!! :-)

  11. Anand

    Hi Anu,

    I was working in Chennai for the past 4 years due to which my face and my neck got badly tan , my chest and stomach colour is fair.

    Can I use melaglow to de-tan my face and neck colour?

    • What’s up Anand?
      Are you not applying any sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays? You can apply Melaglow Rich cream to de-tan your skin. It is an excellent de-pigmentation cream which gradually lightens the skin. Use this cream only in the night before you go to bed and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen in the morning.
      Anu :-)

  12. Simi

    Hi mam,I have sensitive skin can I use melaglow I have a melasma on my skin,,and plz suggest me a good sunscreen becoz I have oily skin,whenever I used any sunscreen my face after that my skin looks very oily and dark,, plz help me

    • Hey Simi,
      Thanks for stopping by. You can use this cream for your problem. It will surely help in lightening your skin. Even I have sensitive skin, so I usually apply this cream every other day only during the nights. I apply this cream combined with moisturizer as I have very dry and sensitive skin. You can also mix this cream with moisturizer like aloederm, emolene or cetaphil cream. Use Suncros soft gel sunscreen in the morning. It is best suited for oily and sensitive skin. (You can see my review on the same). Be patient to get the results. Hope this regime solves your problem.
      Thank you!!
      Peace :-)

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