Product review for L’oreal Paris

L'oreal Paris White Perfect

So today I would be reviewing L’oreal Paris White Perfect Laser – Essence and Day Cream

 The product challenges and claims for incredible whitening radiance superior to laser treatment that is laser treatment = 1 IPL (Intense pulsed light) session.

Enriched with Ellagic Acid, Pro-Vanish Technology and SPF 19 PA +++, That Combine perfectly in a 2-step regime to give:

Enhanced Fairness

Superior Radiance

Spot-Free Skin

Improved And Smoothened Texture

Refined Pores


To begin with the first step is to apply a thin layer of the essence on a cleansed face. After applying for a week I actually felt some reduction in spots and refined pores on my cheeks.

Second step is to apply the day cream. After the first application my skin felt radiant and well moisturized. The cream is slightly pink in color and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also has an SPF or sun protection of 19 PA +++ which is very good to protect harmful UV rays. It is an all in one formula where you get moisturizer and sunscreen in one cream. Saves much of our time!!!!

My final verdict about the product would be :

Pros: Gives an instant glow and a fair, pinkish hue to my skin. Spots are visibly reduced to some extent.

My skin is well moisturized throughout the day (even though I apply another layer of moisturizer as my skin is very dry)

Gives sun protection

Cons: Price is a bit high for a 50ml pack (costs around 18$)

May leave a white cast on the face for dry skinned people (better to use another layer of moisturizer)

Suffered minor breakouts

On the whole I would recommend and rate White Perfect Laser – Essence + Cream 3.5 out of 5

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