Review Of Aloederm Skin Cream

Hey People!!!!Today I would be reviewing an outstanding product from Fem (Dabur India) called Aloederm. Aloe is said to be a wonder product for many problems. Be it cuts, wounds, burns, acne, stretch marks or even stomach ailments aloe is the one stop solution. I have been experimenting a lot lately with med store or therapeutic products. I always apply moisturizer as part of my beauty regime and bought this cream because it contained the goodness of aloe.

Skin Cream

Aloederm Skin Cream


Aloevera juice, Propylene glycol, Cetostearyl alcohol, Isopropyl myristate, Emulsifying wax, Sesame Oil, Niacinamide, Liquid paraffin, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Glyceryl stearate, Laureth-23, Lanolin, Perfume, Vitamin E acetate, Disodium EDTA, Butylated hydroxy toluene.

The key ingredients as per the product are Aloevera, Sesame oil, Niacinamide and Vitamin E.

Aloe is an excellent moisturizer and wound healer. It keeps the skin soft, smooth and supple. It builds up collagen and elastin and increases firmness of the skin.

Sesame oil is rich source of omega fatty acids. It ensures proper penetration of the active ingredients. It also nourishes the skin and retains moisture.

Niacinamide is an important vitamin that reduces skin blotchiness, fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin elasticity.

Vitamin E plays an important role in preventing oxidative damage and maintains skin integrity.

My Take On Aloederm Skin Cream:

I use this cream in the night as I feel it’s a bit heavy to use it in the mornings. I always wake up with soft, supple, smooth and a glowing face. I felt my skin is healthy and firm. I could actually see my acne marks getting lightened with continued use. My dilated pores were hardly visible. It did not break me out, infact I can say it is a very good cream for acne prone skin. Dry skinned people can safely try applying in the mornings too in combination with other creams. I am happy that it does not contain parabens or silicones. The best part is this cream is for all skin types and it’s a multi-purpose cream. Probably the only con I could think of right now is it may not spread well if you have very dry skin.

The product is economically priced at Rs. 110/- for 50gms and goes a long way if used sparingly. Try it once and feel the difference!!!


About Anuradha Raidurg

Hellllooo there!!! My name is Anuradha. I am an Human Resource professional. I am crazy about reading and blogging. I am a big fashion and beauty freak. I keep trying anything and everything which is new to the market. I post believable and sensible reviews to the viewers as I would have personally experienced and used those products. I try to keep my post as simple as possible so that the viewers can easily connect to the contents of the blog. Blogging is a great way to de-stress and that's how I catch up my me time. Keep reading and encouraging with your valuable comments!! Read on :-) Cheers!!!!!

51 thoughts on “Review Of Aloederm Skin Cream

  1. Subhalashmi

    Hello Anu… I have been waiting for a night cream product review from you. I’m very happy to see this blog. The reason why I look for your recommendation is that you are very precise and always gives us an unbiased suggestions. I’m cognizant that this would make my skin look much better in the mornings with your observation. I’ll go for this and let you know the results. Thanks again sweet girl… :-) you are the best… !!!

  2. Subhalakshmi

    Hello Anu… I have been waiting for a night cream product review from you. Finally it’s here and I’m very happy…^5. The reason why I look for your recommendation is that you are very precise and always gives us unbiased suggestions. I’m cognizant that this would make my skin look much better in the mornings with your prompt observation. I’ve purchased this product and started using it from a week. I’ll keep you updated with the results certainly…!!!. Thanks again sweet girl… :-)

  3. great blog I enjoy the theme. Is it premium?

  4. This design is spectacular! You most certainly know how to
    keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had
    to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  5. Umme Asma

    Hi, I want to know if we can use this skin cream for kids aged 5 to 9 years old also.
    Please help to get the right answer.

    • Hey Asma!! The cream can be safely applied on Infants too.Thanks!!:-)

  6. Farheen

    Hii.. I m using this cream from last two days but I dnt knw y mai skin is not glowing with this cream., in fact on my forehead something like wrinkles r coming… I dnt knw what’s what happening so plz do help me n let me that what exactly is happening.. Thank you..!!!

    • Hi Farheen,
      First of all I would like to know your skin type?? Aloederm is an excellent moisturizer with the goodness of aloe and other soothing ingredients which is good for dry skin and it does impart a nice glow when used regularly. The wrinkles which you are talking about is might be an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients (may be lanolin). If that’s the culprit then stop using the cream. Do let me know if my answer helped you?:-)

      • Bibi aisha

        Hi my name is Aisha and my question is can I use
        This cream every night whole my life???? Is there any side effects if I use this cream to long??

        • Hello Aisha,
          Thanks for stopping by. You can definitely use this cream for life. It does not cause any side effects. It is an excellent moisturizer and nourish the skin from within. Please do let me know if you have any queries.
          Anu :-)

  7. Deepak

    Hi…. Let me know one? I met accident and got one mark of stitch in my nose…
    1. Can i use this cream recover that mark?
    2. My face is full face, can I use this so that my face will glow?
    Please five your valuable suggestions.


    • Hello Deepak, You can definitely apply on your scar as aloe and other ingredients soothes and helps repair the skin. You’ll get better results if the scar is new. You’ll get a nice glow upon regular usage.

  8. Pratima

    Hi I am getting pimples and I dnt knw for what reason I am getting the pimple. And my face a little bit dry.can I use this cream for pimples and for clear face and will it be used for sunscreen

    • Hello Pratima,
      Due to hormonal fluctuations many people may get pimples. Try drinking lots of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins and wash your face twice daily with a soap free cleanser. Aloederm can be safely used on acne prone skin and helps relieve dry blotchy skin. It can be worn under sunscreen. Do try and let me know if you find any changes.
      Anu :-)

  9. Pratima

    Hi i am getting pimples and for pimples can i use cream and my face is little bit dry

  10. Pratima

    Hi i am getting pimples and have dry skin. Can I use this cream for pimples

  11. Hello am Sania am 19 yrs old I have severe acne on my face and due to that acne I got scars so tell me can this aloederm works for my pimples and their scars?

  12. Hello dear am Sania am 19 yrs old I don’t why but I am getting severe acne on my face and because of that acne I got scars on my face so can u please tell me can aloederm reduce my acne and scars??

    • Hello Sania,
      If the acne is mild to moderate aloe helps in repairing and healing the skin. But if the acne is severe it would be more useful in conjunction with acne treatment. It does help in soothing and fading the scars. Use a mild cleanser twice daily and always apply a good sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Never be harsh with your skin. Give your skin some time to heal on it’s own and have patience :-)

  13. ajay kumar

    My age is 19 and I have many pimples and scars on my face from last two years and still I am getting scars on my face. Reason I don’t know how I am getting the scars l. So suggest me a good anti scar cream so I will get a clean face as I have before 5 years

    • Hey Ajay, thanks for stopping by. Never miss applying a good oil free sunscreen in the mornings when you step out in the sun and apply a combination of clearz plus cream with aloederm cream in the night. This would definitely help reduce scars overtime. Let me know if it has helped in diminishing your scars.

    • Thnx dear and thnx to aloederm too it helped me to get rid of my severe acne but anuradha just tell me do I need to apply this aloederm on my acne scars they are not so deep they are mild can this cream heal my scars?

  14. Well i am a great fan of this cream coz the result of this cream is just awesome but now the cream is not in medical stores i am trying to find the cram but i cant the medical man says the company has stopped making this cream please i request we use this cream don’t stop the production waiting for your reply. ..

    • Hello Prasad,
      How are you doing?? Yes the cream gives excellent results and no doubt on that. I wonder where you are located?? I stay in Mysore, Karnataka and the cream is pretty much available in all med stores. You can try buying it online too.

  15. Suhas

    Hi , can it be applied only night time..and wash it off in the mrg

    • Hey Suhas,

      Happy for stopping by :-) Yes you can apply only in the night and wash it off in the morning.


  16. Rahima

    Hi Anu this s Rahima n I am 14 weeks pregnant, my Dr has suggested me Aloederm cream for stretch marks please let me know if I can use use.
    Secondly I have marks on my legs by using slippers made of velvet so can I use same cream for it.

    • Hello Rahima,
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are doing good? Your doctor has suggested the best cream for you. You can start using the cream right away to avoid stretch marks and you can safely use on your legs too. Religiously apply the cream everyday and see wonderful results at the end.
      Anu :-)

  17. Satya

    Hi, I suffered from chickenpox. So many black marks and holes on my face and body. Ca i use this cream. And how to use?

    • Satya

      And one more thing, mine is oily skin. Can i use this cream on my whole face or only on black marks..!!??

    • Hello Satya,
      You can definitely use this cream for your chicken pox scars. This cream is suitable for all skin types. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply this cream all over the face. It has the goodness of aloe that is sure to heal your scars and marks. Apply this every night and wash it off in the morning. Always remember to use a good sunscreen in the morning.
      Anu :-)

  18. Sanket

    Can i use it for removing dark circle around my eyes?

    • Hi Sanket,
      You can safely use this cream to remove under eye dark circles
      Anu :-)

  19. Debbie

    I have got stretch marks on back of my knees. They have turned black because my skin colour is dark.
    Will this cream work on stretch marks too? Can they be gone totally with regular use or lighten?

    • Hello Debbie,
      Thanks for stopping by. You can definitely use this cream to lighten your stretch marks. Apply twice a day after cleansing the area. Use the cream religiously for 3 months to see the results.
      Anu :-)

  20. parvez

    my face is get dark as 3 months I don’t no how it’s get dark but now I want to use this creme can I use use of creme daily at night its good for me to get fairness

    • Hello Parvez,
      Aloederm is a moisturizing cream which does help to fade away marks and pigmentation. Use this cream every night and apply a sunscreen in the morning when you go out in the sun depending on your skin type. You can also consult a dermatologist who will prescribe a good skin lightening cream for you.
      Anu :-)

      • parvez

        Can u consult u an Skin lighting creme plz mam my skin get soo dal I don’t now what to do

  21. asin

    Hi I get white patches on my forehead during summer. It goes away but takes a lot of time. Can I use this to prevent those patches?

    • Hello Harshitha,
      Happy to see your comment. You can definitely apply this cream for your white patches and I am sure it will help you get rid of the patches. You always apply a sunscreen when you go out in the sun.
      Anu :-)

  22. Jagadeesha KS

    Hi Anuradha,
    Good Morning!
    I’m Jagadeesh from Bangaluru, i’m using this cream from past 4 days day and night , My question is my skin type is little dark and oily skin, this cream is good for my skin? and its improve fairness & control the pimples???. please suggest..


    • Hey Jagadeesh,
      Wassup? Use this cream only in the night and during the day you should use a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. This cream will definitely help in reducing your acne scars during a period of time. But you should use it everyday to get the desired results. Hope this will help you.
      Anu :-)

      • Jagadeesha KS

        Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

  23. Ahana

    Hii anuradha
    Is it important to use sunscreen with aloederm.
    As the doctor suggested use of skinlite and aloederm in night..and clop g following d next night..

    • Hi Anita/Ahana,
      Thanks for stopping by. Always apply sunscreen when you are on any skin lightening or acne reduction therapy. Your doctor has prescribed it right. Use can use aloederm with any de-pigmentation or acne creams in the night to reduce dryness and apply sunscreen alone in the morning.
      Anu :-) :-)

  24. Monika

    Hi. I have a normal skin and I still get pimples on my face and I consulted a dermatologist and she told it’s because of dandruff. Can this cream prevent those pimples caused due to dandruff, if not please suggest me a one which will help me to get ride of that pimple.

    • Hello Monika,
      How are you doing? This cream is not an anti-acne cream but a moisturizer with the goodness of aloe vera which keeps the skin supple, smooth and to some extent help get rid of acne and acne scars. You cannot totally depend on this cream to treat your acne, instead you can use this cream in conjunction with your anti-acne creams to get better results. Has your dermatologist not suggested any anti-acne creams for you? You can use acne creams with benzoyl peroxide like Benzac AC after consulting your dermatologist for your acne.
      Anu :-)

  25. Hi,
    I am simmy
    I have some doubt for this cream.please clear my doubt.First question is that on which type of skin Aloederm should be used. Please tell me we can use this cream on day time.After apply aloederm cream on face we can go outside on day time.

    • Hello Simmy,
      Thank you for stopping by. Let me try to clear your doubts :-)
      1. Aloederm is suitable for all skin types.
      2. You can use this cream in the mornings too but make sure you apply sunscreen on top of this cream when you go out in the sun because aloederm cream does not come with SPF.
      3. You can apply this cream to your whole body.
      4. There are no side effects and can be used long term.
      Hope your doubts are cleared :-)
      Anu :-)

  26. Hi,
    I am simmy
    Can I use this cream in my whole life???
    Is there any side effect if I use this cream to long time?

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