Review Of Clearz Plus Cream


Who wants to see an ugly pimple scar on the face? Ewwww 😛 that’s gross. Very lucky few will have a clear and acne free face. But who would not have a pimple in their life? 😀 Everybody will go through a pimple phase in their lifetime and their nasty scars are so bothersome sometimes. My derma suggested a lovely cream from Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories called Clearz Plus. It is basically a skin lightening cream which helps get rid of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blemishes.

Key Ingredients:

Kojic acid – 2% and Vitamin C – 2.5%


Clearz Plus Cream

My Take On Clearz Plus Cream

I should say it is an excellent skin lightening cream which I have come across till date. I could see the results from the day one of the application. But it says to apply every morning after cleansing and evening before retiring. I was applying nightly a pea sized amount of this cream every other day. It gives an awesome glow to the face and few days into applying the cream I could notice my acne marks and under eye dark circles reduced to a great extent. I always made sure to apply a good sunscreen whenever I used to step out in the sun after using this cream.


Gives excellent results from the day one of usage.

Gives a nice glow to the face.

Suitable for all skin types

Removes stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Little goes a long way. Only a pea sized amount is what is required for the whole face.


I am so happy with the results the cream has given me, I can hardly think of any con.

My Final Verdict:

My my!! I am in awe with this cream and will definitely keep using and buying this until I come across a better cream than this. Priced at Rs.183/- for 15 gms and is available in all leading medical stores. Have a healthy skin and say bye to blemishes and dark spots!! :-)


About Anuradha Raidurg

Hellllooo there!!! My name is Anuradha. I am an Human Resource professional. I am crazy about reading and blogging. I am a big fashion and beauty freak. I keep trying anything and everything which is new to the market. I post believable and sensible reviews to the viewers as I would have personally experienced and used those products. I try to keep my post as simple as possible so that the viewers can easily connect to the contents of the blog. Blogging is a great way to de-stress and that's how I catch up my me time. Keep reading and encouraging with your valuable comments!! Read on :-) Cheers!!!!!

144 thoughts on “Review Of Clearz Plus Cream

  1. Rashmi Naresh

    I am facing pimples problem for almost a year, may be its because of my age. I have gone through your blog and hope this will solve my problem. I will surely try this product and keep you updated about it.
    Well written blog and very specific to the point, good going!!!!!!!:)

    • Hello Rashmi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Nice to see your comment. I assume you are in your teens. That’s the age when the body goes through lot of hormonal changes. You can definitely try this product for your acne scars. Do let me know your experience after using this product.


      • nikesh

        Hi Anu,

        I have lot of tan on my face from years. Could you please suggest me a cream to clear tan on my face

  2. Rashmi Naresh

    Nice blog, you have very good writing skills. I have read all your blogs in this site and it was very helpful.
    Can you please suggest any creams or lotions for the removal of unwanted facial hair, it would be very helpful.
    Thank You

    • Hey Rashmi,

      Thank You so much!! Your comment means a lot. If you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution then laser would be the best option. Otherwise there are lot of hair removal lotions and creams like veet, fem available in the market which gives a temporary solution. You can also go for threading and waxing. Hope this is helpful.


  3. Now their is a scar visible on my upper lip. Can you suggest any cream or a treatment to reduce the scaring.Should I go for laser treatment?

    • Hi,
      You can use Clearz Plus cream for your scars. If the scars are deep you can go for laser treatment.

      • p.vinod kumar reddy

        how much cost will be for laser treatment for deep acne scars?

  4. pri

    Hi Anuradha,
    As skin color of my face got dull due to pigmentation, I have started using clearz plus cream along with suncros aquagel from today.
    Can you please help me to know how long time it will take showing the result?

    • Hello Priya,
      How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you are using a sunscreen in the morning because while using a de-pigmentation cream applying a good sunscreen is a must. Apply clearz plus cream only in the night after cleansing and sunscreen in the morning. Mix a good moisturizer with the cream and then apply if you have dry skin. The result depends upon individual’s skin texture and how the skin reacts to the product. But with this regime I feel you should be getting results in 15 days time or even less. I hope you get the desired results soon. Keep me posted :-)

  5. naina

    Hi Anuradha,

    Will this cream suit combination to oily skin.. which sunscreen would you recommend using with this?

    • Hello Naina,
      How are you doing today? Yes this cream will definitely suit combination to oily skinned people. You can try Suncros Aqua Gel Sunscreen. It is specially formulated for combination to oily skinned people. Using a sunscreen in the morning is a must when you are using Clearz Plus cream. Keep me updated about your experience after usage

  6. zahid

    hi anuradha,
    I have been using this cream for a while(without using any sunscreen) and don’t seem to get any desired results .Can you suggest me a sunscreen which is also suitable for dry skin.

    • Hello Zahid,
      Glad to see your comment. Applying this cream without using sunscreen is a bad idea. You can try using Sunkon 30 Sunscreen Gel which is suited for all skin types. It is quite moisturizing and can be worn alone. You can also mix the sunscreen with your moisturizer and apply. Hope this will help you.
      Anu :-)

  7. Aashiq

    Hi .. I m using skin lite cream for past two months got fairer.. But my scars ve shown more visible after using it … Many saying skinlite cream will ve more side affects… Shall I try this??what should I do to reduce my acne scars??,they r deep too..

    • Aashiq

      I m oil face too… Shall I use olive oil side by side with dis cream??

    • Hi Aashiq,
      Thanks for stopping by. You can try applying this cream every night on a cleansed face and wash it off in the morning. I suggest to always use a good sunscreen when using skin lightening creams. Otherwise you will not get the desired results. You can use a small amount of olive oil with this cream too. Exfoliate your skin once a week and use a good home made mask twice a week. This should definitely help reduce your acne scars. Hope my suggestion helps you.

      • Aashiq

        Thanks Anu .. plz suggest sun screen and face wash for my oil skin, as u know I ve scars acne scars on my face…

  8. Amit

    Hello,this cream can be used for fairness or to treat pimples only??

    • Hello Amit,
      Happy for stopping by. This cream is not used to treat pimples, instead it is used to lighten the acne marks and other scars. It is mainly a de-pigmentation cream.
      Anu :-)

      • Amit

        Ok thanks…but i have a very oily skin…with brown complexion…these cream can make it from brown to radiant skin tone?…and can you suggest any face wash for oily skin…i was used acmed face wash…now using klm klin face wash…Which is best??

        • Hello Amit,
          Go for KLM KLIN AHA face wash which has glycolic acid.
          Anu :-)

      • Amit

        Is this cream causes peeling of dead skin and formation of new skin??

        • Hey Amit,
          Kojic acid will cause micro peeling and removes dead skin to form a new one.

      • Hlo I see ur all reviews .I m using skin lite cram when I left using I hav se dark blckles in my. Face…….can u suggest me that can I using cleArs plus . My skin is very oily tell me the best sunscream nd tell me the right method of use cleArz plus cream …..

        • Hello Kajal,
          Thank you so much for stopping by. Apply this cream every night before going to bed and wash off the next morning. You can try Sunscros Aqua Gel Sunscreen which suits oily skin well and apply loose powder on top of it if you feel oily. Hope this will help you.
          Anu :-)

          • kajal

            Luv u nd thnx to guide me

          • Welcome Kajal :-)

  9. suhail

    Hii Ma Name is Suhail.. is it its very usefull For removing acne..!! #ClearzPlus Cream nd will it make Fairer..Than skin lite..??

    • Hello Suhail,
      Clearz plus is not an acne treatment cream but a de-pigmentation cream which lightens your skin. It does make your skin fairer.
      Anu :-)

  10. Fahad

    Hi anuradha
    I’ve been using this cream for a while now and don’t seem to get desired results on my freckles. Please recommend something to get rid of these freckles

    • Hello Fahad,
      I hope you are using a good sunscreen on your face because freckles are caused by excessive sun exposure and becomes prominent when you are out in the sun. Using this cream and going out in the sun without a sunscreen would be a foolish thing to do. It’ll do more harm than good. Use a good sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast when you are heading out. You can use retinoid with hydroquinone combination cream under a doctor’s prescription to lighten your freckles. If these things doesn’t help then you can go for laser treatment. Hope this has helped you. Let me know your opinion about the same.
      Anu 😉

  11. Amit

    Ok thanks…Clearz plus giving best results from the first day…but i am using sunban sunscreen…and have to be in clg in sun rays on 12:30 pm to 1:30 Pm in lunch time…and this cream is overall for good skin or some other combination in the form of tablets are required?

    • Hello Amit,
      Am glad that you are happy with the cream. Good that you are using a sunscreen when you are out in the sun. If possible, try to reapply the sunscreen every 3 to 4 hours. Maintaining a healthy diet is very important to get that clear and glowing skin. You can include a multi-vitamin supplement for your overall well being.
      Anu :-) :-)

    • Amit

      Hey…i used this cream for about one month and its result remain for only in that period…i mean after stopping this cream again the skin gets brown…

      • Hey Amit,
        Clearz plus is only a de-pigmentation cream which effectively removes tan and dark spots but does not change the color of the skin which you are born with. It brightens and gives a nice glow to the skin. Eat a healthy diet and follow an exercise regime which suits you.

  12. Dhivya

    Hi Anu,

    Can you please suggest some gud sunscreen… i feel sunscreens i chose wer tooo greasy… pls suggest a gud choice… also i wanna know will clearz plus wll rebound my pigmentation if i stop using it… is it safe during pregnancy.
    Awaiting your reply!

    • Hello Dhivya,
      Happy to see your comment. You can go for Suncros Aqua Gel Sunscreen. It is non-greasy and is best suited for oily skin. You can go through my review on the same. Clearz plus is a de-pigmentation cream which removes acne scars and blemishes effectively. It is safe to use this cream during pregnancy as Kojic acid is a derivative of mushrooms which helps lighten skin discoloration. Always wear a sunscreen when using this cream which will help maintain the glow.
      Anu :-)

  13. can i use clearz plus for dark lips

    • Hello Rahul,
      Applying clearz plus cream on the lips is not advisable.

  14. Tarana

    Can u plz suggest an acne treatment cream…..i have sensitive skin..plz rply…i am using clearz plus cream,fash face my acne do not remove..

    • Hi Tarana,
      Thanks for stopping by. If the acne is severe you can take oral tretinoin tablets or apply topical tretinoin cream under the guidance of a specialist or a dermatologist.
      Anu :-)

  15. rohit

    Hllo mam i hav oily skin nd also im facing frm scars of pimples can i use clearz plus if i use
    Clearz plus smthng will mix with cream.???
    I saw in sm cmmnts of urs…u r suggesting the sunscreen…can u tell me wht is sunscreen nd hw it works.and i will also mix with the cream.???

    • Hello Rohit,
      You can surely use clearz plus cream for your acne scars and spots. Don’t mix anything with this cream and use alone every night before going to bed. Sunscreens are creams and lotions which protect the skin from harmful sunrays which otherwise is the culprit for tanning and premature ageing. Clearz plus cream is sensitive to sunrays, so using a good sunscreen will protect the skin from getting de-pigmented. Use a good sunscreen in the morning and apply clearz plus in the night.
      Anu :-)

  16. Mamta

    I have dark black spots around my lips and chin area and i am using this cream but not getting the desired results. And I had use sper sunscreen, spectraban, suncros gel etc but all in vain. The all sunscreen lotions or gel have darkened my skars more and even ma skin burnt. What to do please guide.

    • Hello Mamta,
      Thanks for stopping by. Probably your skin is sensitive to the cream. Try using Melaglow New. Start using every other day initially and gradually use everyday. Hormonal changes might cause darkness around chin and lips. But don’t stop using a sunscreen. Try Sunkon 30 or Neutrogena sunscreen. It might suit you. You can go for other professional treatments such as Chemical peels or laser as a last resort.

  17. Riya ahamed

    Hi I’m Riya
    I can used clearz cream. I want to fair skin. Because 2 month later I have got married. Plz tell me I can used this cream.

    • Hello Riya,
      You can definitely start using clearz plus cream from now itself so that your skin gets prepared for your D day. Avoid going out in the sun as much as possible. If you are going out then don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen. Keep me updated. All the best!!
      Anu :-)

  18. Aashiq

    Hi any plz suggest me any sunscreen and face wash fr my oil face with acne scars … I’m using clears plus now…

  19. p.vinod kumar reddy

    i have deep acne scars.can i use this medication?.i just want to even my skin tone.could u please specify sunscreen lotion & face wash

    with regards,
    vinod kumar,21 yrs old

    • Hello Vinod,

      How are you doing? You can definitely use this cream to even out your skin tone and reduce acne scars. Use Suncros Aqua Gel sunscreen and Dermadew Lite soap (this also helps in fading away your marks). Hope this helps you.

      Anu :-)

      • p.vinod kumar reddy

        Thanks anu. Is there any acne removing tablets.because i used lot of anti acne creams like adapaline with combination of clindamycin cream,and benjoyl peroxide.they did not respond for my acne pimples.would u please suggest any anti acne tablets.

        with best regards,
        p.vinod kumar

        • Hello Vinod,
          There are Tretinoin based creams and tablets available in the market which is used to treat acne and pigmentation. This should be taken under the prescription of a professional dermatologist. Check with your doctor for more details.
          Anu :-)

  20. swetha

    I have a dark under eye circle can i use this clearz plus cream

    • Heya Swetha,

      How are you doing? Sure you can use this cream to treat your under eye dark circles. Just be gentle while applying this cream around your eyes.

      Anu :-)

  21. anwar sha

    Hello anu my name anwar I am using skinlite cream every night. how can I use clears plus every morning usage is beter or ?

    • Hello Anwar,
      How have you been? Skin lightening creams gives best results when used in the night. If you want to use clearz plus in the morning follow it up with a good sunscreen on top of this cream.
      Anu :-)

  22. Abhinaya

    Hi can you please review “brite lite” cream ?I have light hyperpigmentation on cheekbones and got info to use this . But I don’t know how long to use and dosage like just in the night time or twice a day .. also when to stop .

    What is the difference between photobloc cream and suncote sunscreen ? Which is better? PLEASE PLEASE REPLY

  23. shiny shaikh

    hii anu…i m facing this acne scars prblm & my face has tanned, m 20yrs old aftr reading all the reviews and ur ansrws nw i wnt to try this clearz up so how many months shld i use clearz up and wht if i stop using it my skin will again becum dull? please rply me asap😊

    • Hello Shaheen,
      Thanks for stopping by. You can start applying Clearz plus every night before retiring to bed. You can use this cream till you get the desired results. Always apply a good sunscreen when heading out in the sun with a minimum SPF of 30. Never ever forget the sunscreen.

      • Abhinaya

        Hi, can u pl review brite lite cream and difference between photobloc and suncote sunscreen

        • Hello Abhinaya,
          How have you been? Brite lite cream is mainly used for the treatment of skin lightening. It contains Glycolic Acid and Kojic Acid Dipalmitate as active ingredients. The ingredients are AHA’s which can be naturally derived from sugar cane. I have used glycolic acid and kojic acid combination cream and worked really well to fade away my acne and pigmentation marks. This cream is available in all medical stores and online too. Priced at Rs. 156/- for 20gms. For normal/dry skin, photobloc sunscreen is the best. It has a blend of both physical and chemical sunscreen. Suncote is good for oily skinned people. Choose the sunscreen depending on your skin type.
          Thank you!!
          Anu :-)

  24. sonu

    hello. mam i have problem with my face uneven skin sade there are so many brown dark spot on my face like burned type and when i got enjured that symbol or mark become black and i m try many tube for it but marks off cut and accident can not clean…plz suggest me best advise…is this may be reason of too much drink of alcohol …..for my fair skeen become black….wrinkly…..

    • Hello Sonu,
      How are you doing? Why don’t you cut down on alcohol consumption? Drinking alcohol speeds up skin ageing. You apply Clearz plus cream every night in conjunction with Aloederm cream. Apply a good sunscreen in the morning without fail.
      Anu :-)

  25. Abhinaya

    Thank you so much for info :)

  26. jessiener

    hello, im 18 year old girl and have dark patches in my chin. so, can i apply this ointment???

    • Hello Jessie,
      What’s up? At your age there will be lot of hormonal fluctuations and your skin might suffer due to this change. Apply this cream every night before you go to bed and wash off with luke warm water in the morning. Eat and sleep right. Always wear a sunscreen in the morning.
      Anu :-)

  27. shiny shaikh

    thnxxx anu😊

  28. Sukhwinder

    Hi mam its urgent when you apply this cream in night use sunscreen ?

    • Hello Sukhwinder,
      How have you been? Apply sunscreen everyday without fail even if you use or don’t use this cream.
      Anu :-) :-)

  29. Sukhwinder

    Or sunscreen use only if you out of home and go in sunlight .please tell me mam

  30. nazrin

    hey , Is there any side effects after using clearz plus cream for a long duration??

    • Hey Nazrin,
      Happy to see your message. This cream can be used for a longer duration and doesn’t have any side effects but might become a little sensitive to the sun. That’s why it is better to apply a sunscreen when using this cream. But it is advisable to discontinue all the cosmetic products during pregnancy.
      Anu :-)

  31. Neha

    Hey anu..did you ever used acrofy acne lotion by Dr. Reddy… ? If yes, than please tell does it work effectively on mild acne…?

    • Heya Neha,
      What’s up? I personally haven’t used acrofy acne lotion but one of my friend used it and has given her good results. Her skin type is combination and becomes dry during winters. She had mild acne and this lotion has really helped in getting rid of them. Its main function is to control sebum and simultaneously moisturize the skin. It states non comedogenic but has parabens and silicones which are actually comedogenic. But it is fragrance free which is a boon to oily acne prone skin. Don’t know how far it might help you because each person’s skin is different and they react to the product differently. Don’t forget to always use a good sunscreen when you step out in the sun.
      Anu :-)

  32. Amit

    Hello mam, I have some deep scars (very littles holes which pushed up a bit in skin)…i never take alcohol and all ever in my clearz plus cream csn treat it??…

    • Amit

      Also my age is 20 …my skin is very very oily…cant control it…my dermatologist suggest me Femcinol-OS face wash …still after washing face my skin again get oily after 2-3 Hours…bt the main problem is that little holes which form on my skin…i dont know the reason why it exist…please suggest some cream to overcome these little holes…

    • Hello Amit,
      Good to see your comment. At your age it is normal to have oily skin as the hormonal activity will be at its peak. Femcinol-OS face wash has clindamycin which is an antibiotic used to treat any bacterial infections. I don’t know whether you have acne problem too. These tiny holes that you mentioned may be enlarged pores due to excess oil secretion. Try using AHA Glow face wash and apply a good sunscreen which has a minimum of SPF 30. You can apply Clearz plus cream in the night.
      Anu :-)

  33. karthik

    Hi mam,
    I’m karthik. Its nice to see your useful answers with immense patience.i just started using clearz , generally I’m a fair guy ,the reason I’m using this cream is to be special in the crowd. in the previous reply’s u have mentioned that we can use clearz plus untill we get the desired results.can i stop it after getting the desired result.if i stop using it what would be the side effects that may occur .if it is not good to stop even after getting desired result,I’m ready to continue .but I want a clear explanation regarding my question and a sharp answer.I hope your answer wil be honest.

    • Hello Karthik,
      Happy to see your comment. Clearz plus is not a fairness cream but it is basically a de-pigmentation cream which is used to lighten the scars or dark spots and brighten the skin. Anything which contains vitamin C is good for the skin. There is no side effects involved if you use this cream for a longer duration. Apply this cream in the night and use a sunscreen in the morning as this cream can be photo sensitive.
      Anu :-)

  34. Deepu

    Is this product safe.. Can it be combine wit otr night cream

    • Hello Deepu,
      Nice to see your comment. The product is very much safe to use and can be combined with moisturizers or night cream. But as I always suggest you should never forget to use a sunscreen when using this product as this cream is photo sensitive.
      Anu :-)

  35. Dhivya

    Hi Anu…. I got pimples after using skinlight cream may be my skin is not so good for cream based product. Can you recommend any gel base skin lightening product

    • Hi Dhivya,
      How have you been? I have not come across or used gel based skin lightening products. Look for products which does not contain parabens which is one of the culprits causing acne. I feel clearz plus does not cause acne. Alternatively you can go for chemical peels done under a certified dermatologist to get lighter, clearer skin.
      Anu :-)

  36. Amit

    Hello mam…
    I think to apply depiwhite cream in night and using suncros sunscreen in day time and using klm klin AHA facewash…

    Is it good… Or clearz plus cream is better than the depiwhite cream…?

    I used many creams… But they worked for the some duration when they are used…

    • Hi Amit,
      You can follow the regimen which you have told that is depiwhite cream in the night and morning face wash followed with sunscreen. Depiwhite has bleaching agents whereas clearz plus is derived from natural agents. If you are not sensitive to chemicals you can try depiwhite instead of clearz plus.
      Anu :-)

      • Amit

        Hmm thanks so much… I will tell you about the results. You have any email id where I can also make queries or I have to write here only to get your reply.

  37. nikesh

    Hi Anu,

    I have lot of tan on my face from years. Could you please suggest me a cream to clear tan on my face

    • Hello Nikesh,
      You can try applying clearz plus cream for removal of tan. I am sure it will definitely help you. Apply this in the night and morning use a sunscreen. Hope you get the desired results soon.
      Anu :-)

      • Hi i buy this product can u tell me about the details..

  38. Riya Parvin

    Hello mam. Can i used this cream Daily twice day And with moisturizer???..plz reply me mam. How long can use??

    • Hi Riya,
      How have you been? I suggest you to apply this cream only once that is in the night. You can use this cream for a longer duration as it is safe to use.
      Anu :-)

  39. riya

    Hey riya here
    Are you still using this cream or
    After getting enough satisfy result u hv stopped using it

    • Hello Riya,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes I still use this cream, occasionally though so as to maintain the complexion.
      Anu :-)

  40. Sonam

    I have been using skin lite cream, my skin have become much fairer bt under lip area and on chin skin caused to irritation nd redness.. Could u suggest clearz plus will keep my skin tone fairer and will nt cause irritation, nd how to use with suns screen?

    • Hey Sonam,
      What’s up? This cream will give excellent results when used correctly. Apply the cream nightly after cleansing your face. Do not apply near the eyes, nostrils and mouth area as it is the sensitive part of the face and might cause irritation. Show caution while applying near these areas. You can buy Sunkon 30 or Melagard or Sunscros aqua gel sunscreens in the mornings.
      Anu :-)

  41. Hi anu i buy this product to my pimple scars nd dark spots can u tell me about this product details…

    • Hello Nisha,
      Happy to know that you have bought this product which helps in lightening and brightening your skin. Use this product every night after cleansing your face. Use only in the night. If your skin is dry you can mix this product with any moisturizer. This product contains all natural ingredients which is derived from sugarcane. Wear a good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 every morning no matter if its cloudy or gloomy. Try and let me know your experience.
      Anu :-)

  42. SMG

    I have been using Dr. Reddy’s Clearz Ultra Cream over past two years. I apply this cream every morning. Still, my skin still breaks out heavily. And there is no remarkable improvement in my acne scars or sudden appearance of painful zits.

    I’m already on a clean diet. I have quit eating junk and oily food long time back. What should I do?

    • Hey Sonia,
      Thanks for stopping by. First of all never use lightening or whitening creams in the morning. Though the cream has some sunscreen agents it is better to use these creams only during the nights. These creams are prone to photo sensitivity. Apply a heavy duty sunscreen as in with a minimum SPF 30 in the morning. If your skin is oily look for products meant for oily skinned people, say like paraben free, non-comedogenic. Do let me know if you have any other queries, will be happy to guide you.
      Anu :-)

  43. Hello, m using clear pluz cream since 5 I noticed that m having small small pimples on my face n bleached on my nose..n m using jovees moisturiser sunscreen..plzzz tell me what should I do now…

    • Hello Iram,
      How are you doing? Either your skin is very dry or you are using the cream very often. This might be the reason it is getting irritated. If your skin is very dry use a moisturizer like aloederm or emolene with this cream. Apply clearz plus only during nights. Use a good sunscreen like sunscros aqua gel or melagard or sebamed sunscreen. Do not over cleanse your face. Stop using jovees sunscreen. Hope this helps you.
      Anu :-)

      • Thank you so much…. Glad that u r helpful… Thank u so much…

      • Hello, sorry to troubling u again.. is I have to mix that moisturiser cream into clearz plus cream and then apply or else… N m only apply clearz plus on my face not around my eyes because m having dark circles n m using richfeel under eye cream during the night…. Is that richfeel is okay? N last think u mention the sunscreens plzzz tell me the spf balance also about that… Hv a grt day:-)

        • Hey Iram,
          How are you doing? Please combine equal amounts of moisturizer and clearz plus while applying during nights. You can apply clearz plus cream around the eyes too. You can also use richfeel as it has all natural ingredients. Assuming your skin type to be oily I mentioned the sunscreens accordingly. It has SPF (sun protection factor) of more than 25. Happy to guide you.
          Anu :-)

  44. Thank you so much anu your comments means a lot..i will surely updated you this product very soon.

  45. I surely didn’t know that. Learnt 1 thing new these days! Thanks for that.

  46. Dileep S

    Dear mam

    Iam 25 yrs guy iam black in complexion i wish to bcm white can u pls suggest a good cream and how to use and duration pls sugesst me good cream iam planing to use clreaz plus…. Rqstng u to rply soon

    • Hi Dileep,
      Wassup? Clearz plus cream is a de-pigmentation cream which removes acne marks and scars. I am not sure whether it can change one’s skin tone. But you can always try using this cream which will bring glow to your face. Use this cream every nightly and apply sunscreen in the morning.
      Cheers buddy!!

      • Dileep S

        Hi mam

        Can u please sugesst me a cream to bcm fairer like skin whitening cream plz amd procedure how to use

        • Hello Dileep,
          This cream does help in improving your skin tone to a great extent. But cannot say if it can change one’s skin tone permanently. It gives a nice glow to the skin when used on a daily basis.
          Anu :-)

  47. shubhangi

    I used this cream for 1 Week but there is no little bit any kind of result I use this for pigmentation. Nd also apply a good sunscreen in the mirning after washing it…so what should i fo for better result

    • Hi Shubhangi,
      Thanks for stopping by. Could you please tell me how you are using this cream? As in are you applying this cream in the night or in the morning? What is your skin type? What skin problems are your facing Etc.,
      Anu :-)

  48. Puneet

    Hi. I have a brown skin. My face and hands are quite dark. Could you please suggest me a good set of products to lighten my skin tone. I am using melaglow rich cream at night, bello kojic soap and suderma silicone gel sunscreen. I have oily skin. So I want to know what products can I use to lighten my skin tone to the colour of my body. Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Puneet,
      What’s up? I feel you are already following a good skin care regime. Has melaglow rich cream and kojic soap helped you in lightening your skin? Has it given you any results? Since how long have you been using these products?
      Anu :-)

      • Puneet

        No it certainly hasn’t :/ I have been using this for nearly 2 months now and it’s disappointing that I haven’t gotten any results from it. That’s why I ask you to help me out!

        • Hello Puneet,
          I am sorry to know that it did not give you the desired results. In that case you can go for chemical peels after consulting a dermatologist. This will definitely help in lightening your skin.
          Anu :-) :-)

  49. Jeet

    Hiiii..I have blemishes on my cheeks during pregnancy. I have used lots of skin whitening creams but didn’t get any result.I live in Canada.can I get online this cream??plz reply me

    • Hello Jeet,
      How have you been? Pregnancy causes lot of hormonal changes in the body. Probably you have melasma. Which part of Canada do you live? I do not think you will get this cream outside India. You can check amazon or ebay for availability. I do not know what kind of skin whitening creams you have used earlier. As an option, laser skin treatment will give better results for melasma.
      Anu :-)

      • Jeet

        Hiiii..thanks for reply..I used meladerm plus.i live in Manitoba.

        • Hi Jeet,
          The cream which you are using is only kojic acid and arbutin in it. Try Melaglow rich cream which has kojic and glycolic acid which gives good results by lightening the skin. Apply sunscreen in the morning and use lightening creams only in the night. I know it sounds weird because you hardly get to see the sun at the place where you are living in :-) But it is always better to use a sunscreen when you are using a lightening cream.
          Anu :-)

          • Jeet

            Thankuuu so much for ur reply and many thanks got give me nice suggestions.I will try to get these creams ASAP.
            What do you think which cream will be best for melasma from both of these?

          • Hii Jeet,
            Go with Melaglow rich cream :-) :-)

  50. Jeet

    Ok..I will try this.many many thanks for ur suggestions..I will get u back soon..

  51. jayant

    i(23) have small sized pimples pores for 5 years on my whole face except forehead is there any cream which can fill these vale or pit ? plus one year ago chicken pox gave me another 30+ dark sopts on my face, itz still here on my face. my whole body color is fair but my face looks imported from some other person. need help from you.

    • Hey Jayant,
      Thanks for your humorous yet valid query :-) You can try applying clearz plus cream every night after cleansing your face. This will definitely help lighten your spots. For your dilated or enlarged pores there is no permanent solution as such instead you can make it appear smaller by using a good PH balanced toner after cleansing your face with a soap free cleanser and then applying sunscreen whenever you head out in the sun or even when you are indoors for that matter. If the problem still persists visit a good dermatologist and ask him for treatments like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. Hope this helps you.
      Anu :-)

  52. Abhishek

    Hello madam should clearz plus be mixed with the sunscreen or to be applied individually , other than sunscreen , plz suggest for the dull scars and dark complexioned skin , also plz suggest a good facewash , my skin is oily around nose and forehead and dry elsewhere plz help

    • Hola Abhishek,
      Thanks for stopping by. Use clearz plus cream in the night and apply sunscreen during the day when you step out in the sun. Try using glogeous face wash. It is meant for oily to combination skin types. Do let me know your feedback once you start using it.
      Anu :-)

  53. Shubham

    Dear mam,
    Which cream clearz or clearz plus for dark spots.

    • Hello Shubham,
      How have you been? Both creams are effective in removing dark spots. Only thing is that the percentage of contents differ. Percentage of the composition in Clearz plus is higher than Clearz cream. If you have severe dark spots or blemishes go for Clearz Plus cream. Mild to moderate I would suggest you to use Clearz cream.
      Anu :-)

  54. Srishti Jain

    Hi. I have recently suffered from chickenpox and have a lot of scars left on my face. The doctor prescribed the Clearz Plus cream for the scars.
    I have been using coconut oil mixed with camphor in place of a moisturizer for the scars. So now my question is how to exactly use the cream in my regime? Should I stop applying coconut oil or not? Also after washing the face some kind of moisturizer (coconut oil in my case) is required. So do I apply a moisturizer or coconut oil? And how to apply? Whether mixed with the cream, or before applying the cream, or after.
    Please reply ma’am.

    • Hey Srishti,
      Thanks for stopping by :-) You can use your coconut moisturizer in the morning after taking a shower. Use very little quantity. Apply sunscreen if you go out in the sun. Apply clearz plus cream in the night. If your skin feels very dry, you can mix clearz plus cream with moisturizing creams like aloederm or emolene.
      Anu :-)

      • Srishti Jain

        Can I mix the clearz plus cream with a regular moisturizer or coconut oil?

      • Srishti Jain

        Ma’am can I mix the clearz plus cream with alow vera gel and apply it?

        • Srishti Jain

          Or with lacto calamine lotion?

        • Hello Srishti,
          You can mix clearz plus cream with moisturizers like aloe vera gel and apply it in the night
          Anu :-) :-)

  55. Sara

    Hi dear
    Can I use clearz cream without sunscreen lotion bcoz usually I don’t step out…

    • Hey Sara,
      Thanks for stopping by. Even when you are indoors sunscreens should be used all year around. Even if you use clearz plus cream or not apply sunscreen everyday.
      Anu :-) :-)

  56. Alice

    Hi anu..
    Suggest any cream or lotion to remove darkness in armpits..??

    • Hiiiii Alice,
      Good to see your message. Why don’t you go the natural way to lighten your underarms? Use natural bleaching agents like lemon, honey, yogurt, turmeric, tomato, milk to lighten your underarms. Make a paste using all these ingredients and apply it to your underarms. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off with luke warm water. Apply this mixture everyday and see the difference in 2 weeks.
      Anu :-)

  57. Munny

    Hai Anuradha…glad u are helping every one with your kind with my pblm please..I had serious pigmentation on my face, consulted a doctor..she prescribed me Advan skin i used for months but it’s all in vain.. could you help me with the good pigmentation cream and for dark circles too where I’m feeling low with dz…suggest me with dat give desired effect.. thank you in advance

    • Hey Sindhu,
      How have you been? I know how it feels if we are facing hyper-pigmentation problems. I have faced one for a long time. I used clearz plus cream and really worked for me. Contents of Advan skin cream contains mainly botanical extracts. So it is a very safe skin lightening cream. If your are not getting any results from this cream you can try using clearz plus cream every night after washing your face. Apply sunscreen in the morning.
      Anu :-)

  58. lathika

    Will you please suggest a sunscreensfor dryskin.

    • What’s up Lathika?
      You can buy Suncros soft gel sunscreen. It gives a matte finish yet has moisturizing properties which keeps your skin soft and supple.
      Anu :-)

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