Suncros AquaGel Review

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Hope New year brings you all happiness and good health. Everybody must know that sunscreens are essential throughout the year as the sun’s harmful rays can penetrate through the delicate skin and cause damage even on cloudy and chilly days. I am always on a look out for good and safe products for my sensitive and dry skin. I came across this good sunscreen for oily skin called Suncros Aqua Gel from Ranbaxy Laboratories which I have been using since couple of months.

Suncros gel

Suncros AquaGel Sunscreen

What does the product offer:

Suncros Aqua Gel SPF 26 is Non-greasy, water resistant sunscreen specially suited for oily skin, humid conditions and excessive sweating. Contains Nano-sized Zinc Oxide for complete UV-A and UV-B protection. Superior UV-A protection compared to ordinary sunscreens.


Octinoxate USP-7.5%, Avobenzone USP-2%, Oxybenzone USP-3%, Processed Zinc Oxide (nanosized) equivalent to Zinc Oxide-2%, Phenoxyethanol IP (preservative)-0.5%

My Take On Suncros Aqua Gel:

Though I have a very sensitive and dry skin, I went ahead to use this specially formulated gel for oily skinned people as the word Nano-size caught my sight. Ok here we go….day one upon using the gel, My forehead started burning, stung badly and broke me out. I was persistent on using it because I thought the gel would get adjusted to my skin. But somehow my skin reacted very badly to the gel. My face was like a war zone. Acne all over my face. I immediately stopped using it and within few days my acne started disappearing (Lucky me). May be chemical sunscreens doesn’t suit my sensitive skin. But I must say when I was using this gel it gave me complete protection from the sun. No sun burn or tan whatsoever. My skin used to glow whenever I used to apply this sunscreen.


Good SPF of 26 which is ideal for Indian climate.

Gives a nice glow to the skin when applied.

Little goes a long way (still on the first tub since couple of months).

Doesn’t leave a ghostly white cast.

Dry skinned people can also apply this gel using a moisturizer beneath.

It is indeed gel based and water resistant as I had to wash several times to get over the gel off my face.


It is definitely not non-comedogenic as it is nowhere mentioned on the carton or the tub. So I don’t think it is suitable for oily acne prone sensitive skinned people.

It is little difficult to spread the gel and it takes a while to absorb into the skin.

The skin may look shiny if not properly rubbed onto the face. Loose powder may be applied to get rid of the shiny look.

My Final Verdict:

I would definitely not buy this sunscreen again and would look for better sunscreens which will suit me. It is priced at Rs.345/- and is easily available in all med stores. So people try this new generation sunscreen gel if it suits and be sun safe always :-)

Update On the Product as of 5th April, 2016

I somehow wanted to work things out and started experimenting with this sunscreen. I applied a very tiny amount of the sunscreen mixed with a good moisturizer and voila!! it’s working :-) Guess my only mistake was I applied too much of it which my face did not accept 😉 I am happy that the sunscreen is not breaking me out now and getting adjusted to the gel. This sunscreen is kind of becoming my favorite as of now and will definitely keep using it until I find a better sunscreen in store. Thanks for stopping by and hope you like this sunscreen too :-)


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9 thoughts on “Suncros AquaGel Review

  1. Shweta

    Hi .. can u please review suncote sunscreen .. if it will help get rid of hyperpigmentation…near cheekbone area. also I tried applying lakme cc cream after few mins of suncote but the cc cream just rubs of like rubber particles .the same way I tried applying sunscreen and after a few mins neutrogena combi skin moisturizer with some compact and again it rubs off like rubber particles .. so how can I apply any makeup or moisturizer on suncote sunscreen? Or is it just not possible?Please reply

    • Hello Shweta,
      Thanks for stopping by. Sunscreen protects you from the harmful rays of the sun which otherwise leads to blemishes and hyperpigmentation. You have to apply a separate cream or lotion to remove hyperpigmentation like clearz plus cream (which I have already reviewed) or Melaglow New depending upon your skin type. Suncote gel sunscreen is mainly for people who have oily skin. If your skin is dry then this sunscreen might not be very moisturizing and tends to flake out. Try combining the desired products in your palm and then apply. Always use products based on your skin type.

  2. karan

    Hi mam , am Karan . Is it ok to use chemical sunscreen? Won’t it be toxic or cause cancer? I am being asked to use sunscreen by my doctor but seeing posts on cons of sunscreen am not sure if it should be used for long term . Physical sunscreens are safe but it costs a lot and I can’t afford that . Am clueless what to do .

    • Hello Karan,
      Happy to see your comment. Physical sunscreens often referred as physical blockers contain active mineral ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. They work by deflecting and scattering damaging UV rays away from the skin. Physical sunscreens sit on top of the skin but Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun’s rays. Many broadly available sunscreens contain both physical and chemical sunscreens to give better protection. As far as you are not sensitive to sunscreens, it is safe to use them. Go for a blend of both physical and chemical sunscreen. Avoid sunscreens which contain parabens and oxybenzone. Always invest in a sunscreen depending on your skin type. Sunscreens last for a longer time if used sparingly, too much would leave a white cast if you are going for a physical sunscreen. Hope you are convinced with my explanation? Always be sun safe :-)
      Anu :-) :-)

  3. karan

    Thanks mam😊your answer really helped . you have a very nice blog , 👍 thanks again.

  4. Man I have suncros Aquragel after applying I can use cream on it or not

    • Hey Payal,
      How are you doing? Yes you can apply your desired product on top of this sunscreen.
      Anu :-)

  5. Raghav Suriya

    Hello mam it’s Raghav Suriya, in our city the temperature s getting worse everyday and from last five months my forehead and cheeks has gone black due to sunburn/Tanning. And so on I had purchased Suncros aquagel today in the hope tat it’s a solution for my face to get right … Is its the best way or any other solutions or references ….

    • Hello Raghav,
      Thanks for stopping by. With the right sunscreen you should use a right de-pigmentation cream too. Sunscreen does not help in de-tanning. It only prevents the skin from getting tanned. Suncros Aqua Gel is a good sunscreen for oily skinned people. You can use Clearz plus or Melaglow rich cream for your tan (you can go through my reviews on the same). Apply this cream every night and use the sunscreen in the morning. Hope this will help you get rid of the tan. Let me know your feedback.
      Anu :-)

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