UV Care Lite Sunscreen Lotion Review

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Sweltering heat is here and all of us are out in our best summer wear. But summers also causes sun tan and sun burns. So using sunscreens is a must in summer to avoid damage to our skin. Infact sunscreens should be used throughout the year. I am reviewing one of the best sunscreen lotion this time around as it claims to be the Gen Next lotions. I am always on a constant look out for new skin products, be it sunscreens or moisturizers. Summer is really harsh this time and my skin had become really dark. I came across this sunscreen lotion at a chemist shop called UV CARE LITE the Gen Next lotion SPF 26+ with skin lightening properties. I quickly grabbed it as it claimed to have skin lightening formula because my skin had gone awry this time.


Here is the snap shot of the list of ingredients:

After cleansing, I applied the sunscreen liberally all over my face 20 minutes prior to stepping out of the house. I set my look with a loose powder. The sunscreen can also be mixed with make up if you do not wish to use it alone. It says to use twice daily, but I use it only in the mornings as I don’t feel the need to apply in the evening. I have been using this sunscreen for almost a month now and I can see visible changes in my skin already. My tan has reduced to a great extent and my face really glows.

My take on the UV CARE LITE sunscreen:



  • Easy to apply. It absolutely slides like silk and gets completely absorbed in the skin.
  • Light weight, oil free and Non-greasy. You don’t feel that you have applied something on your face.
  • Doesn’t leave a white cast on the face.
  • Quite moisturizing. Though dry skinned beauties may apply their regular moisturizer with this.
  • Gives an instant glow and brightens the face.
  • Water resistant.
  • It did not break me out though my skin is very sensitive.
  • Suits all skin types.


The only biggest con is it contains parabens. Some people may be allergic to parabens. Most of the creams and lotions contain parabens and may or may not cause allergy or break outs. My sensitive skin responded very well and could tolerate to this sunscreen lotion and I can guarantee that it will suit all skin types.

So go grab this unique and amazing sunscreen lotion priced at Rs. 680/- for 60ml from your nearest chemist shop and be sun ready always.


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Hellllooo there!!! My name is Anuradha. I am an Human Resource professional. I am crazy about reading and blogging. I am a big fashion and beauty freak. I keep trying anything and everything which is new to the market. I post believable and sensible reviews to the viewers as I would have personally experienced and used those products. I try to keep my post as simple as possible so that the viewers can easily connect to the contents of the blog. Blogging is a great way to de-stress and that's how I catch up my me time. Keep reading and encouraging with your valuable comments!! Read on :-) Cheers!!!!!

8 thoughts on “UV Care Lite Sunscreen Lotion Review

  1. rahul murmu

    Can it works in winter season also ?

    • Hello Rahul,
      Sunscreens should be used all year around whether it’s sunny or cloudy. This Sunscreen can be used throughout the year and best suited for all seasons.
      Thank you

      • Khan

        Basically I’m fair. But now a days I’m becoming bit dark. Is it water problem or facewash (garnier acuagel) or moisturiser(uv care light). Can u please tell me what’s the problem and suggest me best products for oily skin.

        • Khan

          I’m awaiting 4 ur reply. Please😯

        • Hello Inthiyaz,
          Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the delay in replying. UV Care Lite is basically a sunscreen and meant to protect the skin from the sun and at the same time has skin lightening properties. You can try using Suncros Aqua Gel sunscreen or Sunkon 30 sunscreen. You can also use a skin lightening cream in the night depending upon your skin type.

  2. I have oily skin. Are there any ingredients which you would remcnmeod in place of oils? I have been using Proactiv for a while, and though it has helped me, I don’t think it will benefit me in the long term. I have been waning off of it by washing/exfoliating my face with oatmeal. I still would like an organic moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin any more oily. If you have any remcnmeodations, I am all ears. Thank you.

    • Hello Daniel,

      Thanks for stopping by. Always look for products that are gel based which is good for oily skinned people. Cleanse your face twice with a mild cleanser which controls excess sebum. Always wear a good sunscreen meant for oily skin when going out in the sun. When it comes to moisturizer Aveeno naturals or Neutrogena naturals is good. Try these products and let me know your experience.


  3. i have been using anti-aging cream since i was in my early 20 s-i generally use loarel & some under eye cream. oil of olay creams are very affective too & not too pricey.

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