Fantasy into reality:

Blaster game, zip2,, PayPal, spaceX, tesla, solarcity… 

I will start with his words

“We could either watch it happen, or be a part of it.  ” —— Elon musk


At the age 12, while his friends busy in playing game he is thinking of creating a game and selling it to a company. He wrote few lines of code to create a space game called “blaster” and sell it for $500. Look at the entrepreneurial mind set at that age. Leaving home at seventeen, and wanted to live in United States, believing “It is where great things are possible.”

He left Canada after spending two years in University of Ontario. He studied business and physics in Pennsylvania and received an undergraduate degree in economics and bachelor’s degree in physics, an unusual combination that usually no one will do.

Elon moved to United States of America to acquire his Ph.D. in applied physics and material science at Stanford University in California but ended up dropping out early to fulfil his dream of launching his first start up.

He started an internet company called Zip2 Corporation (software developing company for online content publishing. We can say straight forwardly it is an early version of current Google maps) with $2000 in his hand. He rented a room for office. He used to take shower in gym and sleeping in office. After three years of his hard work, he sold  zip2 to Compaq for $300 million.


 He receive $22 million as his share. He became the multi-millionaire by the age 28. With this amount he is not even take single day of rest and enjoyment started working on his next company which changes way of money transaction. He name it has later renamed as PayPal (I hope most of us heard this name…) after few years eBay buys PayPal for $1.7 billion and he earned $300 million dollar.

By the way he crossed 30 and well settled in life. After PayPal while on surfing on NASA website he came to know that NASA has no plan of sending man to Mars, starts thinking on this he created spaceX.


Elon curiosity starts from his space game Blaster and continues with his space company space exploration technologies or spaceX. Someone asked him ‘what he know about space technology to start a rocket company’ , he replied with a simple smile saying “basic physics JJ  to lift x pounds into orbit would take y amount of fuel and necessitate a raw material costing z , barely what NASA is doing right from its start up.”


Along with this he started two more companies namely Tesla motors and solarcity by believing that generation and effective utilization sustainable energy will be the key factor in future. He quoted that future depends on three area “one was the internet, One was the clean energy, and One was space”, and that were “important problem that would most affect the future of humanity”.


Everything going well as he wished but not always right? His real potential testing time started, His electric motor company running out of money no inventor showing interest in investing, Bank say no loan to his solar panel assembling company solarcity, his dream project falcon fails again and again he has no money in his pocket to keep his companies alive. In august 2008 of a Falcon rocket launch, After Falcon third successive failure he address his employees by saying “keep trying, for my past, I will never give up and I mean never ” He saved his companies in his darkest hours. There was situation where he puts all his money on his companies if those dream fails he would be on street But it was not happen because his decision are combination of what technically possible, what economically intelligent and what is experimentally satisfying. Now Tesla released Model S and sport car Roadster both are running successfully. Solarcity is now the major solar panel assembling company in United States. SpaceX successful in launching falcon 9 into orbit and got $3.7 billion contract agreement from NASA.Many of us are capable of dreaming of new possibilities yet we fail to do anything with that vision. Not only vision plays major role there must be something else called conviction or strong belief is required to make it possible. Conviction is a game changer not just for their personal motivation but also make others to follow you.

He always says Dream big! Don’t focus on making money! Work for an idea that’s bigger than you are! Borden your minds! Embrace thinking from outside disciplines! Expose yourself to the world’s most inspiring designs and designers! Make things as simple as they can be (no simpler)! Immense yourself in science and leading-edge technologies! Don’t be limit by what going before! Play with radial outside-the-box future possibilities and keep playing until you find something really big that you believe in!”

About author:

 Yogesh M Iggalore is an applications engineer at METI(company which is known for SCADA product development).Who is currently working on project ‘METI ARM Beagling’ which is mainly focused on learning and developing application on ARM based processors.  Writer who love to study on successful individual and share his view found knowledge with others around the world.


About Yogesh Iggalore

Founder,CTO Ineclat solutions

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