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Today is one of the happiest days. I still remember days when I started learning science, my science teacher used to tell us that the concept of gravity came from a small APPLE. Yes, it was one of the great discoveries. But if I hear the word APPLE, my mind never thinks that it’s a red coloured fruit or a fruit which fell on Newton one day. But a logo comes to my mind.

download (1)Newton said “because of gravity, an apple fell on my head”.  A young guy started thinking on this APPLE and by the day he passed, he had thought “because of creativity, APPLE grows in my head”.

Yes, I am talking about Steve Jobs. What a great personality who changed the way of thinking. “Building one of the planet’s most successful companies from his garage.”   A college drop-out guy who has nothing in his hands but creativity in his mind started a company called Apple Inc. in the year 1975. Building a small computer was just a hobby for Wozniak. But Steve made it  a business. He introduced best computers such as Lisa, Macintosh, etc. Macintosh was not so successful which, which made the then CEO of Apple fire Steve Jobs. So many people say that Steve was not an inventor, he was just a marketing guy. But a man can’t be successful all the time. After Apple, he created neXT Computers and Pixar. At Pixar, he came up with a few animation movies such as Toy Story, Wall-E, Cars, Up, and The Incredibles.  He never failed in any of these as he had creativity in his mind, clarity in his action, and commitment in his work. Because of this the Apple Inc., which said no to him, called him back.


There are so many minds which are more knowledgeable than Steve’s, but are not able to drive Apple Inc. in the right path, because they don’t know why Apple was started. After Steve’s return to Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod and iOS start to rock the world. You have to feel his vision, which enabled him to think differently, and create ground breaking products. There are numbers of companies which manufacture music systems, computers, mobile phones, but they can’t beat apple, when he led the company. If you think of buying a mobile phone made by another company, the shop keeper will tell, “madam/Sir, this is very close to an Apple product, with almost the same features. You will feel like you have an Apple product in your hand. Even though he dropped-out of college he passed all the exams he faced in his life. But God sets a paper which he couldn’t pass. In mid 2004, he announced in an email to Apple employees that he had undergone a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his pancreas. In January 2011, following a liver transplant, Jobs said he was taking a medical leave of absence from Apple but said he’d continue as CEO and “be involved in major strategic decisions for the company.”

As he said at last, “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know.” Jobs said. “Unfortunately, that day has come.



He left us without taking his favourite iPod even though he knows that his journey was too long and without a return. His words “stay hungry, stay foolish” makes him the great man he still is. Everyone desires to be like that, but he had deserved it.

As it’s in his name, he created jobs, rather than having a job.

As he said “slide to unlock,” we need to slide our thinking to unlock creativity. 


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  1. Nice lines abt Steve Jobs, The Man who change the thinking Ideas and way of looking towards the future.There is no brand to compare with APPlE…It always rocccccccccccccccccckkk.

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