AT&T Moto X is now just $99 by Moto Maker

MotoXThere’s been a lot of price slash in the Moto X. Recently Best Buy cut down the prices of the Moto X to just $99, followed by Amazon. But neither of them uses Moto Maker to personalize the phone for your needs.

Now you can buy the phone directly from the Moto Maker website for only $99. For this price you can use the Moto Maker tool to customize your new handset. You also get free Motorola Skip and free shipping. This offer is only for AT&T handsets as of now. Other carriers may come up with this offer sometime in mid-November.

 The Moto X is a great device with less focus on the hardware part and instead is all about creating an excellent user experience. Some of the devices most unique features include Touchless control and active display technology.

Source: Android Authority


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