Five million Samsung Galaxy Note 3 units shipped in 28days


Samsung CEO JK Shin revealed that Galaxy Note 3 shipped 5 million units in less than 28 days.

Samsung has managed to ship 5 million units to retailers and carriers, but it’s unknown how many of them have reached the customer’s hand since Samsung doesn’t give out the sell-through of the devices.

Comparing to its flagship devices, Note required five months to reach this milestone, whereas Note 2 took two months. Note 3 was launched on September 25 in 58 countries and 82 markets around the world. JK Shin says there is strong demand for the S Pen device.

HTC One Max and Xperia Z Ultra have tried to compete with the Samsung Note 3, but it seems it’s of no match to the success of its S Pen and the apps created to support it.

Source: Android Authority


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