Future HTC phones may bear Dual-boot OS

htc-one-vs-nokia-lumia-928-aa-featuredMicrosoft is cajoling HTC to offer Windows phone “as a second option” on Android devices.

Bloomberg coated that Microsoft is ready to cut or even eliminate licensing fees in order to convince HTC to load its Windows phone on its Android devices. It’s not yet clear if this would be a rise of dual-boot operating systems or just providing users the option to choose from when buying the phone.

The talks are in precursory state, and Microsoft’s head of OS team is planning to visit the HTC’s HQ this month regarding the deal.

HTC is one of the manufacturers that provide both Windows and Android devices, but the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer is clearly interested in Google’s successful OS. The last Windows phone from HTC was Sprint–bound 8XT in June.

While the operating system accrued a double-digit market share in Europe and South America, at a global level, Windows phone is still behind Android and iOS, with a share of less than 4 percent.

According to TechCrunch’s sources, Microsoft discussed internally loading Android on the surface line, to dual boot along Windows. Some of the young engineers are open with the adopting Android, though senior staff members oppose the idea.

HTC is between casualties at the moment. The company registered its first quarterly loss since it went public. This might be its best chance of getting into the market.

Source: Android Authority


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