Google Announces Unified Hangouts Messaging Services Coming To iOS, Android And Desktop


Google as expected has announced and launched its much reported unified messaging service called Hangouts that merges its various messaging platforms including Google Talk, Google+Hangouts, Messenger and Google Talk for Google+ into one platform, at the Google I/O event in San Francisco. Apparently the service was dubbed as Bable, but Google instead rolled out a standalone app called simply “Hangouts” that will be making its way to iOS, Android and Gmail on the desktop which allows users to share text, photos and live video with each other.

Like other Google services, users will require a Google account to use the service and it doesn’t just work by registering one’s mobile number unlike WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But it was discovered that it did verify the mobile number when the app was installed in an iPhone and signed-in with Google account credentials.

The functionality of the app is similar to Hangouts that existed in Google+ and you get a list of existing interactions when you open the app. There’s a + (plus) symbol at the top right corner tapping on which displays big thumbnails of six of your contacts and a list of people who are in your Google+ circles. It also offers a search box where you can type a name, email, phone number or name of a circle to see more contacts. You can select the contacts you want to chat with and start a text or video hangout. The hangout could also be limited to one contact but you’ll still need to select the thumbnail and tap on the text or video button to initiate the interaction. You can then send photo and text messages or start a video chat anytime during the conversation. Google has also introduced 850 new hand-drawn emoticons and the service notifies you of the other person typing a message. With Hangouts, you’ll also be able to quickly send messages, have video calls with up to ten people at once, and share photos. You can start a conversation with just one friend or even a whole group.

You can customise how you receive Hangout notifications The notifications are synced across devices which means that if you start a conversation on the web and continue with it on your phone, the web interaction would also get updated.

Google has essentially tried to unify its messaging services across the PC and mobile without getting into the territory of services like Viber and WhatsApp.

Source: 9to5mac, Ndtv

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