Microsoft is planning on an update for Windows Phone with 1080p HD screens, Quad-core processors, and more

Windows-Phone-8-update-3-multishot-Microsoft has announced its third Windows update that would include a larger screen resolutions and quad-core processors. Microsoft says that it will have a 5-inch and 6-inch touchscreens with 1080p HD resolutions. The large display area will enable up to six Live tiles on the Start screen rather than four.

The third update will also have a hardware update in the form of quad-core processors. Windows phone has worked with Qualcomm dual-core processors till date. This update might have powerful Snapdragon 800 quad-core processors. The snapdragon 800 runs at 2.3GHz for Android devices.

Microsoft will be offering the Windows phone 8 update in a few weeks, but not all phones will receive it. According to Microsoft, the roll out will continue for several months, so the device update will depend on the speed and willingness of manufacturers and carriers. The other new features include:

  • Driving Mode to limit notifications and send auto-replies to call or text messages while driving
  • Accessibility features to help the visual or hearing-impaired operate the phone more easily
  • Faster mobile hotspot connections without needing to enter a password
  • Rotation lock to prevent unwanted switching between landscape and portrait
  • Custom ringtone assignments for notifications or a specific contact
  • Improved storage management for on-device files
  • App switcher now supports closing apps
  • Wi-Fi connections are available during phone set-up
  • Bluetooth has “a bunch of improvements” to enhance connection quality

Source: Mobileburn


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