Motorola is working on a ‘Project Ara’ smartphone which can switch hardware similar to apps


Motorola has come up with a concept phone which can switch hardware components the way the most users change the ringtone. The Motorola calls it Project Ara, the Advanced Technology and Products group is working with Phonebloks creator Dave Hekkens on an “endoskeleton and modules”.

Paul Eremenko announced that the “company has already done deep technical work and is opening the process up to the communities and volunteers to begin designing hardware modules. Its goal is to create hardware as the Android has done to the software. Create a third-party developer ecosystem, lower the barriers to entry, increase the pace of innovation, and substantially compress development timelines”.

The phone’s hardware that can be switched includes CPU, display, battery, camera, external sensors or anything you can think of. Module Developer’s Kit (MDK) would be released in this winter. While the volunteers can expect a discount on the phone after launch, with the 100 most active getting free phones.

Hekkens describes his design as “phone worth keeping”; with the ability to upgrade part by part and never experience the lack of upgradation.

Source: engadget


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