New makeover for Facebook Messenger app


Facebook said on Tuesday that the Messenger app will be having a new look for some selected users of the Android platform. The feature will have an update of Facebook’s general aesthetic. It’s unclear about the clients to which the Messenger update will be available.

  • Reach people faster – You’ll know which friends are using the app if you see the Messenger icon Testing a New Messenger Experience on Android next to their name. If you see a Messenger icon means your friend is using the mobile Messenger app so your messages will be notified instantly.
  • Message your contacts – Now you would just need the contact number to message to others using Messenger. You’ll be asked to confirm your contact number to help people reach you.
  • New look – the new look of the Messenger is easier for use. Tap across the top of the app or swipe left and right for recent conversation, a list of people you message, and settings.

Source: AndroidGuys 


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