Paper thin next Gen TV

Just imagine if your TV is as thin as paper, then how easy it would be to move the TV wherever you require. Super thin OLED TV we use nowadays might be at stake if the future paper thin TV are in the market.

Yes, the Georgia Institute of Technology is working on paper thin TV, which uses very few materials and make the printed electronics look very thin as a paper.

According to Georgia Tech, the challenge in manufacturing these printed electronics which uses OLED technology is to make them inexpensive and make them function in ambient conditions. The components used in printed electronics are very sensitive and exposure to oxygen or moisture can ravage them.

Hence researchers have come up with a new technique i.e. “They spread a very thin layer of polymer, approximately 1 to 10 nanometers thick, on the conductor’s surface to form a strong surface dipole. The interaction turns air-stable conductors into efficient, low-work function electrodes. The commercially available polymers can be easily processed from dilute solutions in solvents such as water and methoxyethanol”.

Bernard Kippelen, director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE) states that, “Their use can pave the way for lower cost and more flexible devices”. This department focuses specifically on next generation TV’s that will save energy and improve the environment, as well as reduce the costs.

This new technology would use fewer materials and work with existing manufacturing processes, so manufacturers won’t have to build new plants. This would be a great deal for devices such as TV’s that do less harm to the environment.


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