Purge Android app to reduce distractions and clean up your phone


Cleaning up the phone is a hectic task. We often wipe our phones to keep it responsive. But BuzzFeed writer Charlie Warzel suggests uninstalling all the unnecessary apps.

The idea is to strip down the phone to bare minimum functions provided by the manufacturers, and then slowly add apps that are relevant necessary. You definitely need the Dropbox and Feedly, and your bank apps may stay. If you don’t watch movies on your phone, then you won’t be needing the Netflix app, so you can chuck on that. Warzel says that, the process alone made him less likely to be distracted and more likely to use his phone for things he needed, rather than idle distractions.

At first this felt like a useful, but temporary, exercise – I could see, at least, which apps are truly most important to me. But as I lived with my new, lean homescreen for a while, something started to change. Fewer apps meant fewer distractions; I found myself checking my phone less frequently.

That’s not to say it turned my phone into a brick. By downloading the apps I use regularly or rely on the most (Pocket for ‘read it later’ things, Simplenote for interview transcription and to-do lists, and Chromecast to watch videos on my TV). I felt like I wasn’t shutting out the technology, but maximizing efficiency. More importantly, I was enjoying using my phone more.

In addition to reduce distractions, clearing out the apps you only use can improve the performance of your phone. Lesser apps mean lesser things running in the background, more free storage, and less data usage. Android users looking for a quick way to uninstall app may use Easy Uninstaller, while iOS users can look out for iTunes.

Source: Life hacker


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