Smartphones with New 2.2mm Thick Display

lgd_slimmest_full_hd_lcd_panel_1LG, which originally planned to bring out the flexible smartphone display have switched its plan for a slimmer display.

The South Korean company has now designed a new smartphone display panel that is only 2.2mm thick, and measures 5.2” diagonally. LG says that it has used the latest technology termed as “Advanced One Glass Solution” to create this ultra-thin display.

This is said to be the latest innovation in the touch screen design, using which Dual Flexible Printed Circuits are sandwiched between the panel and the touch film, eliminating the need of 30 separate layers.

LG claims that each pixel in the display is made up of various RGB sub pixels that support a pixel density of 1080×1920 with brightness of up to 535 units.

The ultra-thin display announcement from LG comes with the company’s new flagship, the Optimus G2 which is rumored to be announced anytime soon. Will have to look out if this handset will be the first to feature this technology.


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